This anemone lives in little holes, under stones or buried in sand, but it's foot always attached to hard substrate. It is clearly recognizable by the 48 rows of small warts on the column. Each wart has a clearly visible red spot in the centre. Interestingly, the trumpet-shaped pillar is always free of sand or dirt. At the top of the column, under the tentacle crown, pale pellet containing netelkapsels. The tentacles are irregularly speckeled with light spots.

The column is approximately 100 mm long with a 30 mm diameter. The basal disk is about 50 mm, oral disc about 45 mm. The tentacle have a maximum diameter of 120 mm.

The tentacles are dark brown to greenish brown. The column is brown-yellow and covered with lighter warts.

Still water from the sublittoral line to about 25 meters deep.

Mediterranean, including the Adriatic Sea.