The snake pipefish is not very common in Zeeland and is listed as an endangered species. It will often hide in red algae, where it difficult to find due to it's colour and pattern.
Mating takes place in June and July. Unlike the more common greater pipefish, the male snake pipefish does not have a pouch to carry the eggs. The female will attach the eggs to the males body, in an area from just below the head till the anal opening. The male will take care of the eggs till they hatch, just like other pipefish. The eggs will hatch after about four weeks.
The feed on small shrimps, mysids, fish larvae and small molluscs.

Males grow up to 40 cm, females up to 60 cm.

From ochreous brown to reddish brown with characteristic transverse white lines along the sides which are dark bordered.

This pipefish prefers the shallow coastal waters and can be found from the sub tidal zone till depths of about 20 metres. Usually hiding amongst red algae.

North Eastern Atlantic from Norway to Portugal.