The common cuttlefish has round, wide flattened body surrounded by a lateral fin. Similar to the little cuttlefish, at has 5 pairs of arms attached to its head, of which 1 pair is longer and can be retracted to catch prey. The body has an internal shell with canals that can be filled with gas or water, to adjust the buoyancy. They mate in May and June and therefore they return to the place they were born. After mating the fertilized eggs are tied up one by one to an erect object. When all the eggs are laid, the cuttlefish dies.


Cuttlefish can reach a maximum length of 40 cm.


Normally brown marbled, but can change colour very rapidly, depending on its mood.

The cuttlefish lives on sandy or muddy areas, to a depth of 150 m. It hunts crabs, shrimps, lobsters and fish.

Eastern Atlantic from north Norway till South Afica, including the Mediterranean sea.